Why UX Method Cards?


Provide an Educational Reference for Your Team

Both in our experience leading UX with a variety of teams, and from the teams we consult we see that educating on UX is a constant task. We see UX focused leaders having to educate product team members, business owners, and C-suite stakeholders. Either to prove the ROI of user-centric engineering, push best practices, or address assumptions about users.

Provide Core References for Decisions

In organizations that are less knowledgeable or practiced in user-centric thinking, it can be challenging to convince stakeholders about the validity of UX best practices. You will often need to convince everyone from the sales team to product owners to the software engineers implementing features. We aim to provide references to UX concepts that also include the backing research why the concept is valid.

Link to individual UX method cards from feature tickets and project discussions to show why a decision was reached and to educate everyone on the team about UX methods.

Educate on the Core of UX and User Research

Everyone is responsible for UX, but UX is a BIG topic and covers many disciplines. Visual design being a small portion of what makes a great experience.


UX Method Cards are a collection of methodology, research, and learning resources to both further your core user-centric skills around product development and design. The goal is to provide both a learning resource for product teams, UX specialists in interviews as well as providing references to help prove the value of UX in your organization and projects.


Mofiti was a consulting firm specializing in UX and Product Strategy for software teams. We now focus on supporting members of product teams responsible for User Research and other UX responsibilities with services and education.

Mofiti is led by Cayley and Wes Hunt a husband/wife team with decades of Process Engineering, Quality Engineering, Software Engineering, HCI, User Research, and Interaction Design/User Experience.

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